Seminario: "What´s the cost of regulating the environment? Aggregate implications of cap-and-trade programs"

Autor(es): Evangelina Dardati (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) y Mereyem Saygili (University of Texas at Tyler) Presenta: Evangelina Dardati Lugar y hora: Miércoles 31 de Mayo de 2017, 13:00 hrs. Sala P 301, Edificio Placa (Diagonal Paraguay 257)
We quantify the long-run effects on output, aggregate TFP and welfare of alternative permit allocation schemes of a cap-and-trade program. We use a firm dynamics model with heterogeneous firms and add an emission market with a cap-and-trade regulation. We calibrate the model with establishment and emission data in the US and study three permit allocation methods: auctions, output-based-allocation and grandfathering. A 30% reduction in emissions is associated with a welfare cost that is highest for auctioning (3.3%), followed by grandfathering ($.9%) and, finally, output-based allocation (1.8%). When we introduce an abatement technology, the cost is smaller for all three alternatives, but, unlike the previous case, grandfathering gives the lowest welfare cost.

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31 de Mayo, 2017 | 13:00 hrs.

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31 de Mayo, 2017 | 14:00 hrs.